myCBD Facial Anti-Acne Cream – kasvovoide aknen hoitoon 50 ml


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  • This new myCBD product offers an anti-acne and anti-imperfection effect that helps to correct these skin problems.
  • With a fluid texture, it is non-greasy and suitable for both oily and combination skin.
  • With a predominant citrus scent, it protects and improves the health of our skin.
  • Created based on a proprietary formulation, the combination of different natural ingredients added to CBD oil, such as black pepper essential oil (anti-inflammatory),Lime essential oil (antibacterial) or Litsea Cubeba (pore cleansing), provide a potential anti-acne effect.
  • How to apply: Apply 2 to 3 times a day on the affected area, massaging gently until absorbed.


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